A Gathering Place for Wichita Area Opponauts

At Barley's off Midland(I honestly I have to find this myself cause I'm so new to the area), we are looking to meet around 1pm this Saturday the 21st, so far Mr2gud2u, myself and Lekker will be there.

Also there is Kansas City Cars & Coffee on the 28th. I know myself and AndySheehan_StreetSideStig will be there.

Mr2 is also wanting to do one on April 4th again doesn't have to be at Barley's again. I don't know if I will be there as there is a meet on the 3rd and 4th in Springfield MO I'll be at (417 C&C and a meet with some friends to see FF7)


Post below if you wanna come and hang out and get some food! The Kansas City Cars and Coffee will also be having a Cruise a point that has yet to be set.

Here is the FB event link for people wanting more info on Kansas City Cars & Coffee. Event Details on Facebook

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